Why #disipomorju?

#disipomorju or better “diši po morju” is a slovenian meaning for “smells like the sea”

It’s not just about lounging on the beach and it’s not just about the most beautiful sunsets, which, by the way, are even more beautiful and colorful in winter than in summer. It’s not even about the most beatiful swimsuits that are the “the coolest” this season, or about dreaming about “faraway places” with the most beautiful beaches that cover the Instagram feed. “Smell the sea” can be for me every moment you relax, the moment you live for. “I’m going to the sea” means only one thing: “I’m going to enjoy!”

And I’m finally at the sea side!

Sun, sea, beach and hanging with friends, all this #disipomorju. Whether it’s a morning coffee in the first row by the sea side or a walk with a friend, a romantic boat ride or a culinary evening with a sea touch. Exploring wild beaches and camping in hidden corners is also on my mind. But maybe sometimes the wind in your hair and the sound of the sea are enough to stop and enjoy that moment of #disipomorju.

Sea & sun, vineyards & olive trees, cacti & terracotta vases, good company & a glass of wine, earthy tones & old Istrian villages, long nature walks & exploring wild beaches, white colors & natural materials, reading books & good poetry, taking “me time” & create.

This is exactly what excites me and shapes my lifestyle.

The Mediterranean (and everything that goes with it) is not just a geographical landscape, but a way of life, it is an inspiration . It is a community. It’s a community we build together with you, it’s a community that #disipomorju