Creating has been and I’m sure it will always be a part of me. For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by art classes in elementary school, I enjoyed decorating in December, I soon fell in love with flowers and started creating wreaths and arrangements for the home, I also warmed up to drawing techniques and adore clay. In short, this is a part of me, that is why so many times I do a lot of some DIY projects.

Since I am at home at the seaside, it was almost to be expected that sooner or later I would be overwhelmed by alluvium, marine decorations and Mediterranean style. Wood – wood is a raw material that always takes me by surprise, be it just its natural color and texture, a piece of furniture, a debris that adorns our store, a piece of jewelry or the smell of wood and pine trees on evening walks by the sea.

My first artwork that I made to sell, it was a magnet with a picture of Piran , which I created in 2014: a sea stone painted with acrylic paints. I collected, washed, dried, drew and painted quite a few of them before deciding which one would be suitable for sale. And so this is how my seastory began.

Over time, I also incorporated smaller pebbles and alluvial glass into my work, and found that I could stage more and more motifs. This drove me even more into exploring and creating. And when you indulge, you start creating and exploring, ideas just don’t end there. There are even too many of them at once! This is probably the so-called inspiration and you hope it never goes out. But there comes the days when it disappears completely. And I’m OK with that.

The first pebbles and glass painting was placed on the stand more for fun than for real. It’s hard to judge your own products and creations, so I didn’t know what to expect, but the painting sold out the same day. And so I got the impetus to deepen my work and promise myself to keep creating.

In coastal places and elsewhere, the making of works of art & home-decor, is already quite widespread, which is of course understandable: you try to take advantage of what is offered to you at a given moment. Catch or let go! The sea is a source of inspiration for many creative souls: there are already paintings made of pebbles, creations made of driftwood, glass jewelry, etc., but there are also many clay designers, a huge number of graphic designers, jewelry makers, painters, etc.
And rightly so: everyone has their own style and everyone has their own audience. Let the community of creators continue to develop with a unique and boutique offer!

This is a brief introduction to the artistic part of our story.

Thanks for stopping by again and taking the time to read,